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Make your next celebration an unforgettable one with Kalpak Caterers!

When it comes to celebrations – whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just the mere fact that you are with your friends and family – sumptuous food is a must! Be it your wedding, wedding reception, birthday bash, cocktail party, an annual office bash or any related events, at Kalpak Caterers we know exactly what gets people going. 

We partner with you to come up with just the right menu for the occasion and prepare our delicacies with love and passion so you and your guests enjoy the freshly-served food to the fullest. Known for our self-invented dishes, their taste & quality, and courteous service, Kalpak Caterers offers a wide selection of authentic Indian and foreign cuisines, including:

Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian

Whether you intend to throw a party to a small group of people or it is meant to be a huge event, we make sure that there is no compromise on the quality of food or service. Make your next celebration an unforgettable one with Kalpak Caterers!


Our Special


Ganesh Utsav might come only once a year, but the Maharashtrian sweet tooth can never stop craving for authentic Ukadiche Modak! Taste the goodness of pure ghee, coconut, rice flour, jaggery and saffron with our special sweet dish.

Shahajani pulao

Cooked in a generous amount of pure ghee and peppered with peas, pudina and paneer, our special rice delicacy is topped with your favourite dry fruits. Unleash your regal personality with this royal pulao.

Shev Batata Dahi Puri

Think chaat, think SPDP! With crispy puris stuffed with mashed potatoes and garnished with delicious spices, we ace at the art of serving up this sweet-spicy dish that every Punekar loves.


Matki Usal
Ukadiche modak
Kolache pohe