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About Outlet

The first real success for the group came about with the setting up of Shree Wadeshwar Bhuvan!

The inception of Wadeshwar group started when we started serving hot steaming Idli Chutney at Bajirao Road in a small outlet which we call as Bhuvan. Wadeshwar Bhuvan at Bajirao road laid down the foundation of Wadeshwar Group’s genuine and consistent taste, authentic recipes and last but not the least quality products with prompt service. In spite of a concise menu of limited dishes and seating area, Punekar’s loved each and every bite of the food. Today we are proud of our regular faithful clientele who constantly remind us that big dreams always start with small and humble struggles.  


Our Special

Idli Chutney Bajirao Road

It all started with this soft, flyffy Idli and tasty Chutney at Bajirao Road. 

Upma Chutney at Bajirao Road

The south Indian breakfast item that won the hearts of Maharashtrian people.Wādeshwar Bhuvan’s Upma Chutney is a must try to all food lovers in Pune. 

Dahi Wada Bajirao Road

Wadas soaked in thick dahi for mild subtle flavours that tickle your taste buds! Garnished with some spices and condiments that complement the dish perfectly!


Breakfast (7:30am to 11:30am)
High Tea (4:30pm to 8pm)
Dinner (8pm t0 11pm)
Sunday Breakfast(7:30am to 11:30am)
Masala Dosa
Sadha Dosa
Idli Chutney Bajirao Road