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About Outlet

’The perfect restaurant to complement the contempo-traditional spirit of Kothrud!’ 

Having served mouthwatering delicacies and some amazing memories to all our customers for years, we are now opening our doors to welcome in the beautiful crowd of Kothrud. The neighbourhood of Kothrud is rich in its cultural history while being an important centre of urban growth. The multi-cuisine, happy spirit of Wadeshwar matches the vibrancy of this energetic locale just rightly. Come, enjoy your favourite delights and the ’wāh’ vibe, now at our Kothrud restaurant!


Our Special

Ghee Idli

We add a dollop of Ghee added on top of your favourite soft idlis for a true melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Rassam Wada

Nothing beats crispy Wadas served with a tangy, delicious lentils-and-tomato Rassam. An ideal breakfast for the perfect start to your day.

Moong Halwa

One of the signature sweet dishes of Wadeshwar Group which has stolen many hearts - Moong Halwa, is an absolute delicacy that is made in pure Ghee.You MUST try this at least once.

Mysore Dosa

With a layer of red chutney on the inside, this authentic Mysore Dosa can also be served with a special potato Bhaji. Opt for this Dosa and it will fill you with joy.


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Ghee Dosa
Mysore Dosa
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